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This repo will be moved to New versions of nsurgeon (BrainGems Harmony) will be avaliable in Jun, 2014. Right now development is not public. New parts of weaver:
- Mono.Cecil (Jb Evian Library)
- Mono.Cecil.CodeDom - our library for MethodBody IL List <-> CodeDom translation to be able to work with code like with tree. Also this tree will be automatically checked.
- Harmony - Core of system. Fully extensible, based on Reactive Extensions - like API to provide easiest way to work with it.
- Harmony.Windows - core plugin for Windows Subsystem. Tracing WCF flow, helpers for WinForms and WPF
- Harmony.iOS - core plugin for MonoTouch and Mono for OSX. Allows to work with Objective C methods swizzling.
- Harmony.Android - core plugin for MonoDroid. Allows to include Mono methods and types to Dalvik types system.
- Harmony.Trace - core plugin for all platfroms. Allows to include tracing and logs to your applications. Will be destributed in sources and bins to show how it easy to write plugins for Harmony core.
- Harmony.Architecture - core plugin for all platforms. Allows to include to application CodeContracts-like attributes for architecture and code static analysis. Will be destributed in sources and bins.
- and many others.

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